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B-Skill Apprenticeships

B-Skill Apprenticeships provides you with a fantastic opportunity to work alongside experienced staff while gaining a range of skills and qualifications. Just finished school or college? Looking for a credible alternative to full time study? An Apprenticeship with B-Skill could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

About B-Skill

B-Skill are committed to creating learning opportunities that can help learners to pursue a career in an industry that they are passionate about. B-Skill are constantly adapting their teaching methods to suit you and your employers requirement to ensure learners get the most out of their Apprenticeship.

What do B-Skill Apprenticeships involve?

B-Skill Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning package that combines practical on the job training with classroom study. As an apprentice with B-Skill you’ll be in employment (at least 30 hours per week) which will arm you with real life experience, job specific skills and a nationally recognised qualification plus you’ll even get paid!

B-skill apprenticeships

B-Skill offer an extensive range of Apprenticeships which include:

Business Administration – This Apprenticeship will help you to build a set of skills, knowledge and behaviours which can be applied to small or large business environments. Working in business admin will see you provide support to different parts of the organisation.

Customer Service – As a customer service apprentice you’ll provide high quality service digitally or in person to ensure customer satisfaction. You’ll gain an in depth knowledge of the company so you can provide advice and deal with complaints efficiently. As a customer service apprentice you could be working towards a level 2 customer service practitioner or a level 3 customer service specialist.

Digital – Want a debt free degree? This digital and technology solutions degree Apprenticeship can offer you just that while equipping you with experience in a range of areas such as software, business and systems analysis, cyber security, data analysis and network infrastructure. Not quite ready for a degree Apprenticeship? Don’t worry! B-Skill also offers a level 4 cyber security technologist Apprenticeship.

Health and Social – Do you want to make a positive difference to the lives of others? An Apprenticeship in the health and social care industry will see you providing high standards of support and care to people who have physical, practical, social, emotional or intellectual challenges. You could be working as a adult care worker or senior adult care worker.

Leadership and Management – As a leadership and management apprentice you’ll be involved in provider support to your colleagues while managing workloads and helping to develop team members. You’ll also be responsible for managing projects, delivering operational plans, resolving problems and building internal and external relationships. You could be working in the following roles: team leader, operations/departmental manager.

Financial Services – If you have a knack for numbers then a financial services Apprenticeship could add up to an exciting career for you. As a financial services apprentice you could be working as a financial services customer adviser, investment operations administrator, investment operations technician, paraplanner, investment operations specialist, financial services senior customer advisor, workplace pensions administrator/consultant, credit controller/collector, mortgage advisor, compliance/risk officer, senior compliance/risk officer, financial advisor.

Logistics and Supply Chain – As an apprentice in the logistics and supply chain you could be working in any of the following job roles: Supply chain operator, Supply chain specialist large goods vehicle and warehouse operative.

Insurance – During an insurance Apprenticeship you will gain a broad understanding of the insurance market. You’ll be involved in handling client queries and support new clients to find the right insurance for them. As an insurance apprentice you could be working towards the following qualifications: insurance practitioner level 3 and insurance professional level 4.

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B-Skill offer a wide range of qualification levels from intermediate right through to degree so whatever stage your currently at in your education there’s bound to be something for you! Throughout your Apprenticeship with B-Skill you’ll receive a wealth of support to ensure your grow your talent and capabilities to succeed in the future.

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