Get the skills that employers are looking for now

We know that you might need a bit of support when you’re thinking about that next step. You might be looking for your first job or thinking about an apprenticeship. Whatever journey you’re taking, you’ll need to be prepared for things like creating a stand out CV, building a LinkedIn profile and preparing for interviews or assessment days. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re confident and that your strengths and experience can shine through to potential employers.

This seems like a lot to think about, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

LifeSkills is an employability programme for 11-24 year olds which helps young people like you build the skills they’ll need to get ready for work. We have interactive activities, helpful guides and videos featuring other young people which you can work through or view in your own time to help get you ready for work or apprenticeships. They’ll help you:

  • identify your skills and strengths
  • discover how to find the best work experience and job opportunities
  • learn how to promote your experience to potential employers
  • up skill digitally and project the best impression online

Check out some of our content below.

Identify your skills

Use our tools to map your personality and strengths against different roles and find out what you’re good at and where you can improve.

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Build your confidence

We have lots of tips and advice to help you get confident, including how to handle nerves, overcome rejection and use appropriate body language.

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Practice Interviews

Bring interview preparation to life in your session with our virtual tool and guide which shows real world interview questions and answers

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Create a winning CV

This tool guides students step by step to build a winning CV. It can even link to their social media accounts to add skills and interests that make them stand out.

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Access all of these and more by registering for LifeSkills. All we need is your name, age and email, nothing more, nothing less.