University Tuition Fees

The big tuition fees debate

MPs have come under pressure of recent to reduce tuition fees due to an online petition receiving over 164,000 signatures which means it has to be debated in parliament. It’s one of the most disputable issues of politics at present.

Theresa May has responded with the fact they will now freeze tuition fees at £9,250 for the next year and increase the repayment which was set at £21,000 to £25,000 but is that enough?

What was the petition for?

The petition which was launched last year (2016)  argued that the current tuition fees of £9,250 is far too high and should be slashed by nearly 70% so students pay £3,000 a year. The petition highlighted that the debt associated with university is putting people off applying for a degree and students are no longer eligible for extra financial help.

tuition fees debate

The Government has argued that the current system doesn’t put students off university as they can apply for loans which you don’t have to start paying back until you’re earning over a certain amount and after 30 years your debt will be written off.

The government has since warned that by lowering tuition fees may lead to university closures which will limit the numbers of places available in higher education.

Listen to what Theresa May has to say about tuition fees:

What is your opinion on the whole debate? Do you think tuition fees should stay as they are, be lowered to £3,000 or scrapped altogether?

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