Business Apprenticeships in London City Centre

So what exactly do we mean when we say business Apprenticeships? Well, business covers many industries. It’s such a broad field; think construction, leisure, recruitment, health. Every single industry needs someone to take charge of the business side of things in order to succeed.

About Business Apprenticeships

Are you always the ‘organised one’ out of your friendship circle? Do you organise pretty much every detail of your life, from booking dinners, sorting out travel arrangements? Are you considering a business and administration Apprenticeship? Your organisational skills and ability to multi task and work to deadlines will make this a great job and challenging for you.

Who could you work for?

As a business apprentice, you could work for a major corporation such as the NHS, HMRC. However, you could also work for independent businesses like John Lewis and Virgin Trains.

What would I be doing during a Business Apprenticeship?

Daily responsibilities during business Apprenticeships could include:

  1. Sorting out the post
  2. Answering the phones
  3. Updating social media accounts
  4. Ordering office stationery supplies
  5. Greeting clients
  6. Typing and filing
  7. Managing diaries
  8. Liaising with office manager
  9. Working to deadlines
  10. Printing and photocopying

Hear from a real business apprentice about the benefits:

What next?

So now you have your heart set on a business and administration Apprenticeship but not sure what types of progression routes will be available to you once you’ve gained experience; don’t worry, we have the answers for you. With further training, you might decide to specialise in a specific area such as legal, financial or medical administration. Alternatively, you could climb the ladder and move to roles like a supervisor or office manager.


London is the hotspot when it comes to business Apprenticeships. London, known as one of the command centres in the global economy, is the home to many head offices, statistics show that it recently hit a new high of 1 million head offices; we’d love to know exactly how many businesses London has altogether, would you?

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