Careermap & The Careers and Enterprise Company CPD Webinar

Careermap in collaboration with The Careers and Enterprise Company recently hosted a live webinar aiming to help schools and colleges to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks so they can begin applying them to their Careers Strategy. If you missed this webinar, you can catch up with it on demand!

During the CPD webinar, we were joined by Kelly from The Careers & Enterprise Company who shared invaluable insights on how Career Leaders and teachers can create a careers programme which is stable (Gatsby Benchmark #1). 

What Did the Webinar Include?

The Careers and Enterprise webinar focused on how you can embed a stable careers programme which pinpoints the key principles of career education and guidance and how you can ensure pupils, teachers, employers and parents fully understand it. The CPD webinar event also included:

Who Is Involved?

About The Careers and Enterprise Company

The Careers and Enterprise Company are passionate about supporting schools and colleges to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks. Since the government’s Careers Strategy was launched The Careers and Enterprise Company has been helping schools and colleges to put a strategy into place which provides good careers provision. 

Careermap and The Careers and Enterprise Company both recognise how the world of work is rapidly changing and realise that young people need to prepare for life outside of education. 

About Sharon Walpole, Careermap Director

Sharon Walpole has many years of experience in the careers and education sector. She started her career in the industry as an FE Lecturer working alongside young people. This is when Sharon first realised the lack of support and guidance that young people were receiving. 

Acknowledging that career advice and guidance was absent from schools and colleges, Sharon created Walpole Media Group, a combination of careers and education platforms. With a proven track record for high quality career advice, 

Sharon is well respected within the career space. She is now Director of Careermap and Head of Digital, Careermap’s Friends and Partners and publishing editor of Careermag, a termly magazine, which connects young students, teachers, career advisers and parents to qualification and career options. 

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