Careermap & the Institute of Student Employers Webinar

Careermap in conjunction with the Institute of Student Employers, created a CPD webinar to help schools and colleges meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. Tristram Hooley, Chief Research Officer, shared his evidence based knowledge. 

I you missed the webinar, you can catch up on demand!

Tristram shared with us what employers want from young talent and discussed how you can achieve Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 5 and 6. He also gave insights into research which has been conducted by the Institute of Student Employers which focuses on what employers want. 

Tristram also explored labour market information and how young people can gain experience of the workplace as well as having the opportunity to meet with employers and employees. 

What Did the Webinar Include?

Careermap and the Institute of Student Employers CPD webinar, aimed to ensure teachers and career leaders are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge required to fulfill their role and implement the Gatsby Benchmarks into their teaching and career strategies. We both understand the importance of providing good career guidance in the classroom so young people can make well informed decisions on their future career paths. The webinar included:

  • An introduction to Careermap Director, Sharon Walpole
  • An introduction Institute of Student Employers Chief Research Officer, Tristram Hooley
  • A discussion about what employers look for in school leavers and graduates (employability skills)
  • Covering Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 5 and 6. This will include exploring labour market opportunities, future study options and high quality information
  • How students can meet and engage with employers and how they can gain first hand experience in the workplace

Who Was Involved?

Institute of Student Employers

Tristram Hooley of Institute of Student Employers has a strong background in the career sector. He has previously worked at various universities in roles as a Postgraduate Training Officer and Professor of Career Education. Tristram has also built his knowledge in the career industry through various other pathways including Senior Programme Manager, Director of Research at The Careers and Enterprise Company dating back to his current career as Chief Research Officer at the Institute of Student Employers. 

Tristram’s wealth of knowledge gained over the years has enabled him to explore and understand the challenges that young people face in the present. He is passionate about the career, education and professional development disciplines and aims to ensure every employer has access to student talent. The Institute of Student Employers are able to achieve this through uniting employers, partners and the education sector through resourcing, recruitment and research. 

About Sharon Walpole, Careermap Director

Sharon Walpole has a great knowledge of the careers and education sector having worked in it for over 15 years. Sharon has worked as a FE Lecturer and is now Director of Careermap. She understands that careers are no longer a linear path and now branch out to other industries and sectors. 

Providing quality independent information about the career and qualification routes available to young people is something Sharon feels passionate about. She wants to help young students to understand their options so they can build a career they’ll thrive in as an adult. 

At Careermap we believe every young person has potential. We understand that considering options as a school, college or university student can be difficult and this is even more challenging when at times high quality guidance can be scarce. 

We aim to change that! 

We recognise that teachers have a demanding task on their hands but we want to help and that’s why we created the CPD webinar series so schools and colleges can move one step closer to their goal of implementing the Gatsby Benchmarks in the Careers Strategy. 

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