CareermapLive & PwC CPD Webinar for Teachers and Career Leaders

CareermapLive were recently joined by PwC for a CPD webinar. This was a huge success and helped to uncover the array of opportunities available to school leavers. Are you a teacher, Careers Leader or career adviser looking to achieve the key points outlined in the Careers Strategy? The CareermapLive CPD webinars can help you! We delve deep into the opportunities available to pupils to help ensure schools and college have a fair and robust Career Strategy is in place. We aim to help teachers and career leaders to create employer connections for their students. We explore many of the Gatsby Benchmarks and bust myths and misconceptions along the way,

What is involved?

During this webinar, you will gain insights into the career routes available, helping you to provide quality career advice and guidance to your pupils. The PwC webinar included:

About PwC

PwC are industry experts in accounting and business services. They are built around 5 core priorities, to be technology enables, empower people, lead by example, provide high-quality value to clients and invest in sustainable growth.

For the PwC webinar, we were joined by Andrew Bargery, Campus and Schools Engagement Leader for PwC specialises in student recruitment. Andrew discussed skills for the future and what top firms are looking for in their recruits. He also looked at ways that teachers and Career Leaders can support their pupils.

About Simon Bell

Simon Bell, Careermap Founder and Director, hosted the live webinar with PwC. Simon has a wealth of knowledge in the careers sector and is passionate about helping young people to enhance their opportunities through high quality career support and access to labour market information.

Simon Bell created as a free careers resource and live vacancy feed for pupils aged 16-24. He felt their was a gap in the market for students to easily access labour market information so they were better prepared for the world of work and making well-informed decisions surrounding their post 16 and post 18 options.

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