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A Career That Makes a Difference to the World!

Engineers tackling social issues such as helping solve climate change or aid health and wellbeing.  Recent research for Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (TEW) revealed nine out ten young people say they[...]

July 4, 2019

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Engineering Apprenticeships – What you need to know and how to apply for the right one for you 

If you’re looking to kick start your career in a diverse and challenging industry then[...]

February 2, 2018

Engineering Apprenticeships in Southport

Engineering Apprenticeships – Don’t dream it be it … Taking the hands on route Engineering[...]

October 13, 2017

Marine Engineering Apprenticeships

About Marine Engineering Apprenticeships Let’s sail away Marine engineers develop, inspect, build, design, install and[...]

September 14, 2017

Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Apprenticeships

What is Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Apprenticeships? To the flying machine Aerospace engineers design, build and maintain planes, spacecraft[...]

September 14, 2017

Chemical Engineering Apprenticeships

The complexity of chemical engineering Apprenticeships What actually is  chemical engineering? In basic terms, chemical[...]

September 14, 2017

Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering Apprenticeships Are you considering a career in engineering? Well done. You’ve just stumbled across[...]

September 14, 2017


Welcome to the machine Engineers are vital for the future. How vital? Well, according to[...]

April 11, 2017


The Great STEM Shortage (and why it’s good news for you) You may or may[...]

April 10, 2017

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