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Choosing the right course for you

Choosing the right course for you is extremely important to your future. Some students neglect to realise that the course they study will more than likely impact your future career that you will have for the rest of your life. We’ve put together some tips to help you choose the right course for you to unlock your dream job.

1. Why are you studying?

Are you studying because you want to gain a more in depth learning experience in a subject you have a passion for? Do you need a certain course qualification to lead you ultimately to field you want to forge a career in? Or are you only studying because that’s what your friends are doing or you don’t know any alternative options?

2. Explore

Explore your options. Would you be more suited to an alternative route of studying? There are many options available such as vocational training courses, higher nationals, diplomas, BTEC’s and degrees studied at college and university or perhaps you’d be more suited to a distance learning course or even an Apprenticeship where you’ll jump straight into the world of work while earning and learning.

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3. What do the courses involve?

Do you prefer more hands on training and coursework? A BTEC might be best for you as it combines practical learning with subject and theoretical learning. Do you prefer theory based learning and exams? Then A Levels might be just what you’re looking for. If you’d prefer to study at your own pace at any time then a distance learning course could be your niche.

4. Locations are important too

Your college location can impact your whole experience of college/university life. Would you prefer to study in a city or town? Would you need to relocate? Would you prefer to travel or would you like to be based close to your home? Or are you prepared to travel from afar everyday and arrive on time? These are all important things to consider when applying for courses.

Choosing a uni is a tough time

5. What is important to you?

It’s easy to be misguided by what your friends think are good colleges and universities that you overlook what is important to you. Are you from a religious background? Perhaps a religion orientated college or university is important to your choice in a place of study. Maybe you like sports? A college or university that offers plenty of sports activities might be more suited to you.

Choosing a course that’s right for you is very important and is something you should take very seriously. Check out a wide range of course options at Careermap!

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