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About Civil Engineering

Civil engineers work towards making our lives much easier. They turn ideas into a reality. The oldest engineering discipline is arguably civil engineering, it can be back dated to when someone laid a tree trunk across a river to make it easier to get to the other side. It’s not all about the fancy buildings.

Nowadays we associate civil engineers with jaw dropping structures. It’s much more than that though, civil engineers also maintain and adapt the infrastructure that we are dependent on every day. Without our railways, roads and bridges; energy and water supply; waste networks and flood defences, we would be met with a disaster.

Put in simple terms, civil engineers have to come up with solutions to complex problems and implement them; they literally shape the world we live in.

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About Civil Engineering Apprenticeships

If you’re interested in an Apprenticeship within the civil engineering industry you can train as a civil engineering technician. This is usually on an advanced technical apprenticeship. Upon completion of the Apprenticeship, there’s also opportunity for progression to a level 5 higher apprenticeship and then a degree Apprenticeship. A civil engineering Apprenticeship isn’t just a job, it’s an exciting career to be a part of. There will always be so much variety involved in your day and you’ll have the opportunity to meet and work with all different types of people.

You could:

  • Be working on a construction site or office
  • Be given the opportunity to work all over the world or be situated close to your home

Your day to day responsibilities will be varied depending on what you’re working on, this could be anything from building producing clean energy, flood defences, boring tunnels, building new structures, designing earthquake-proof homes or planning new transport systems.

What’s next?

There are plenty of progression routes within the civil engineering industry such as becoming a director or a programme manager, design teams, lead and run teams of construction workers. Alternatively, you could become an expert in the design or application of a particular type of civil engineering.

Civil engineering really does have prospects for everyone, begin your journey with a Civil Engineering Apprenticeship.

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