Creating a LinkedIn profile that gets noticed

Did you know that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly? According to some estimates, LinkedIn users with All-Star status are 40 times more likely to get contacted about job opportunities.

As a graduate, it’s important not only to have an up-to-date CV, but also to have an optimised LinkedIn profile to maximise your chances of finding your dream job. It’s an influential tool that can help open doors and alert you to new opportunities. Everyone, at every single career stage can benefit from and unlock ‘the world’s preeminent social network for professionals’ to its full potential.

Achieving All-Star status isn’t that difficult at all. In just a couple of hours, you can totally transform your profile and power up your visibility to hiring managers and other users. I was recently a guest for National Graduate Week 2020 discussing essential tips to help you be selective in your choice of photo, how to write a killer summary, why you should list your core skills, help you gain endorsements from your peers, build new connections effortlessly and much more.

Without doubt: If you’re seeking an entry level role, especially in a highly competitive graduate labour market, you should be on LinkedIn. You will be joining more than 27 million active users in the UK, which is over 75% of the working population.

Some quick tips to get you on your way to a stellar LinkedIn profile:

  • Make sure your profile picture shows you in your best light and also think about the background. You might look great, but being in a pub would not give the right impression.
    Don’t cut corners on your summary. Think of it as your personal statement for a great job.If you have a specific skill, mention it here.
  • You may not have loads of work experience, but you will have gained skills with any job or volunteering you have done. People generally know what bar staff do, but if you were given special responsibilities, now is the time to mention them.
  • You can find out many more hints and tips by watching National Graduate Week’s live event with Graduate Talent Solutions here.

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Since launching in 2011, Graduate Talent Solutions have supported tens of thousands of graduates. Now you can benefit from our knowledge and specialist experience to help you achieve All Star status and other ways to improve your profile on LinkedIn.

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