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Creative, Digital and Media Apprenticeships

Creative, Digital and Media Apprenticeships can be your opportunity to work in one of the most exciting and cutting edge career fields of today!

Apprenticeships in this field cover roles in a range of industries including TV, radio, film, animation, games, digital and photo imaging. Enjoy the thrills when you assist a camera crew at a movie set or obtain skills working with professionals in CGI and animations.

During your apprenticeship in Creative, Digital & Media you can obtain the skills, qualifications and reputation for an enviable career in a constantly developing and expanding industry.

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An apprenticeship in the digital age can be something as specific as video editing for television or DVD release, through to something as broad as graphic design. Getting to work in the media sector is extremely competitive and a very tough industry to get into, as such apprenticeships and working on the job are about the only reliable way to start working and building up a reputation, a list of contacts and potential clients and employers.

The digital and media sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors currently, and as such is likely to be long lived and constantly in high demand, so once you have got started in the industry you can keep pushing to expand your career for the foreseeable future.

creative, digital and media apprenticeships

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