Customer Service Apprenticeships

If you are kind the person who likes to be social and has a natural ability to communicate, you might consider applying for customer service apprenticeships. Being able to represent your company well to clients, senior staff and even competitors, will make not only make your company look good, but you look good too and become very employable and promotable.

As a customer service representative, you are the most important link between a company and their customers. This is why a position in customer service is often challenging but is also very rewarding.

Types of Customer Service Apprenticeships

While your ability to communicate and interact with others will always be important, different positions require different skill sets.

As a support customer representative, you provide customers with general help and information about your company’s products or services. Finding solutions to people’s inquiries questions via phone or email, and keeping track of those inquiries will probably be your primary task.

As a sales product representative, it is your task to help customers with specific queries regarding products and services, both before and after purchase.

Skills Required

As we have outlined, your natural ability to communicate well with others is key in this career field. Being friendly and polite is important, and being able to keep calm under pressure. Working with computers, phones, email and voicemail in an office environment. An attention to detail and natural organisation. Maintaining a professional work ethic and positive mental attitude.

Customer Service in the UK: A Challenging and Rewarding Career

Customer service apprenticeships in the United Kingdom can be your start into an exciting, challenging and very rewarding career field, with a lot of potential for growth and promotion. Find the perfect customer service apprenticeship here at Careermap.

Find a Customer Service Apprenticeship

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