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Davidson Training Apprenticeships provide a unique learning route that enables you to learn while being in employment. Is full time study not for you? Want to advance your career while earning and learning? A Davidson Training Apprenticeship could be the perfect route for your career.

What do Davidson Training Apprenticeships involve?

Davidson Training Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning programme that combines on the job training and academic study enabling you to develop highly sought skills while gaining real life work experience and a nationally recognised qualification relevant to the industry you’re passionate about starting a career in.

Davidson Training offer an extensive range of Apprenticeship opportunities which include the following industries:


From working in large supermarkets, small shops and large fashion brands an Apprenticeship in retail can open a wide range of prospects for your career. You could be assisting customers on the shop floor, dealing with payments or creating store window displays or you could be working behind the scenes managing stock.

The following Retail courses are available:

Apprenticeship Frameworks

Retail Skills Intermediate Apprenticeship Level 2

Retail Skills Advanced Apprenticeship in Management Level 3

Retail Skills Advanced Apprenticeship Sales Professional Level 3

Retail Skills Advanced Apprenticeship Visual Merchandiser Level 3

Apprenticeship Standards

Retailer Level 2

Retailer Team Leader Level 3

Retail Manager Level 4

davidson training apprenticeships retail

Business Administration

Business Administration apprentices play a crucial role in ensuring the office and businesses run smoothly while committing to the following duties: office based work such as telecommunications, filing, photocopying, inputting data, note taking, computer systems, customer service.

Apprenticeship Frameworks

Business Administration Intermediate Apprentice Level 2

Business Administration Advanced Apprentice Level 3

Apprenticeship Standards

Business Administration Intermediate Apprentice Level 2

Business Administration Advanced Apprentice Level 3

davidson training apprenticeships business

Customer Service

Efficient customer service is crucial to the running of any business. As a customer service apprentice, you’ll be answering any queries while helping customers and dealing with any complaints which will help to increase customer loyalty and the quality of experience given to the customer.

davidson training apprenticeships


Team Leader

As a team leader you’ll set a positive example to your team while leading them and ensuring they are given support. These roles include: supervisor, office team leaders, warehouse controllers, or for anyone who is looking to develop their team leading skills.

davidson training apprenticeships team leading

During your Apprenticeship with Davidson Training you’ll receive a wealth of support from your employer, learning mentor and colleagues who will help you to grow professionally and personally. Ready to enhance your career prospects?

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