Education and You: Apprenticeships

When some people are thinking about their education, they tend to overlook apprenticeships. This is because they might not have done one before or they don’t know what is involved in the apprenticeship. When, actually, apprenticeships are actually very beneficial to a person’s education.

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What are they?

Basically, an apprenticeship is where you have on the job training. You will be going to work for the company and in return, you get training and experience to put on your CV.

So, if you think about an engineer, they have the opportunity to get a degree in their field, or they could get an apprenticeship, where they get training and experience.

Some employers will offer apprenticeships and they will pay the applicant for their time, so it is very advantageous. Others will make the applicant aware that there could be a job waiting for them when the apprenticeship is over. This is because they train the applicant the way that they want their employees to do the job, so it is beneficial for them if they hire their apprentice.

What do they cost?

If you think that you want to go into an industry where it would be beneficial for you to get an apprenticeship, instead of going to University, then you should be wondering about the cost of these apprenticeships.

Luckily, in the UK, the cost of training for the apprenticeship is 100% funded by the government, if you are between the ages of 16-18, and you should get an annual salary of just over £5,000. The government will cover the training for up to £15,000. However, if you are between the ages of 19-23, the government will partially fund the apprenticeship. If you are any older, you could be required to pay for the apprenticeship yourself.

Furthermore, once you get on an apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to higher the level of the apprenticeship and therefore receive a higher salary.

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