Fire Brigade in action fighting an ambulance fire

Emergency Services – Fire Service Apprenticeships

Joining the fire services is about helping people. When people dial 999 they’re calling because they need your help and when they hear the sirens coming they know you’re coming to save them. Inspiration doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from being willing to sacrifice yourself for someone who is a complete stranger to you.

Ask yourself: How is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out?

When you become a firefighter your greatest act of bravery has been accomplished, your proudest moment will be saving lives. Bravery is not the absence of fear but the action to face fear. Nobody ever made a material as resilient as the human spirit. As a firefighter apprentice teamwork will play a large part in how successful you are. Teamwork is about the ability to work together towards a united vision.

As a firefighter, you will be called upon to tackle various emergency situations where your problem solving skills and initiative will be vital to resolve issues quickly and calmly. Incidents vary from tackling fires and rescuing people from burning buildings to dealing with chemical spillages and Road Traffic Collisions.

A sensitive approach will be required when dealing with members of the public, who may be distressed and confused. Today’s firefighters also works closely with the community to increase their level of awareness and to help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.

As a firefighter apprentice you will gain confidence, resilience, adaptability, ability to communicate effectively, integrity and have a commitment to diversity. Daily tasks an apprenticeship with the fire service involves responding to emergencies and rescue life and property from all types of incidents. Making an area safer by minimising the risks caused by fire and other hazards and working closely with the local community to help prevent fires and other incidents occurring.

The answer: Courage

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