3 years ago

When thinking about why have apprenticeships, the opinion is based more on the benefits for the apprentice. Not many people focus on why an employer should have an apprentice instead of hiring a fully qualified member of staff.

The aim of this post is not to discourage people from hiring, when most of the country is unemployed, it is to encourage employers to invest in their future and look towards an apprenticeship.

The Point
workspaceThe whole point of an apprenticeship is to give the apprentice on the job training that will eventually end with them being able to put the experience on their C.V, or end up with a job.

Now, lets look at this from the perspective of the employer. The employer will pay the apprentice’s salary, but it will be a lot less than a regular employee. An apprentice will be paid an annual salary of a little over £5000 per year.

Then, the employer will be given a chance nurture the apprentice and train them in ways that are important to the company. The employer will be able to focus the training so that the apprentice could have a long-term future with the company.

Personal Benefits
On a personal note, the employer will be able to take an interest in the apprentice. They could follow the progress of the apprentice and know how much work the apprentice has put into their career.

The employer has the ability to see if the apprentice has the attitude and drive to start his or her own career. They apprentice will have to invest time in developing their own skills so that they can progress onto the next step of their career. The employer should think of themselves as the mentors, and the apprentice as the future employee of the year.

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