Episode 2 Rock your next job interview: Top tips from Dan Farrar @ Visa Europe

QA recently launched their Future Proof Careers podcast. Are you just starting out in the world of work? If so, this podcast is for you! QA Future Proof Careers podcast looks into the job market of today while investigating vital career questions and helping people to “future-proof” their careers. Want future career success? Tune into the Future Proof Careers podcast.

Every episode delves into hot career topics and exposes you to real life, honest advice from apprentices, alumni and a range of career experts.

Episode 2 just hit the airwaves, and it’s packed with practical, specific advice for job-seekers to approach their first few applications and interviews.

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Dan Farrar, Next Generation Talent Manager at Visa Europe shares insightful advice. Are you a job-seeker looking to catch a hiring manager’s attention? Standing out from the crowd can be difficult after seeing thousands of applications. Dan Farrar shines a light on interview tips, such as how to answer the dreaded question:“What’s your biggest weakness?”, CV advice and interview tips… Tune in!

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Missed Episode 1?

QA alumni Amar, Angel and Asher had a lively discussion on what people should look for when choosing their first employer.

You can catch Episode 1 at the same links as above.

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