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Faccenda Foods Apprenticeships

Faccenda Foods Apprenticeships provides a fantastic platform for you to launch your career. Not going to University but want a degree without the debt? Faccenda Foods offer a wide range of Apprenticeships that can help you to get a debt free degree while also entering employment.

Who are Faccenda Foods?

Faccenda Foods are a leading UK food business who deliver quality fresh and convenience food solutions to the UK retail and food service sectors every day.

What do Faccenda Foods Apprenticeships involve?

Faccenda Foods Apprenticeships offer work-based learning and training package that combines academic study and on the job training which will enable you to gain a range of highly sought skills, real life work experience and a nationally recognised qualification. During your Apprenticeship with Faccenda Foods you’ll develop your knowledge and grow your talent within the industry you’re eager to pursue a career within.

Faccenda Foods Apprenticeships

Faccenda Foods offer a diverse range of Apprenticeship opportunities to match your career aspirations including the following:

  • Engineering – Engineering Apprenticeships are designed to expose you to real life engineering challenges and projects while gaining qualifications in Mechatronics Maintenance Technician and manufacturing engineering.
  • Butcher – As a butcher you’ll be working in a meat processing environment using highly skilled butchery techniques which you will learn through a 12 – 18 month Apprenticeship programme.
  • Food Science Degree – Looking to develop the skills and experience needed for a career in food science? This Apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity for you to become a Food Industry Technical Professional.
  • Food Engineering Degree – A food engineering degree Apprenticeship can help you to learn all the skills, knowledge and experience needed for a long and fulfilling career within the industry.

A Faccenda Foods Apprenticeship is an ideal career route for anyone looking for a credible alternative to university or college. During your Apprenticeship with Faccenda Foods you’ll receive a wealth of support and encouragement from everyone as they all want to see you succeed and achieve your true potential.

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