Fencing Apprenticeships in Cornwall

We’re not talking about the sport when we say fencing Apprenticeships, we’re talking about anything from motorway barriers and zoo enclosures to prison perimeters and garden fences. It’s a job people rarely think of, but it’s crucial and needs to be done, otherwise prisoners and lions would be strolling down the street,  and I don’t know about you but we wouldn’t want that.

No two days will ever be the same, depending upon the job you’re doing on that day, fencing can be simple or more complex. You’ll need to know how to work with all types of fencing and related construction materials. You must also be able to locate services to know how to contact electricity, gas, phone and water companies to make sure post foundations are clear of pipes and cables. The last thing you want to be doing is drilling through a live cable wire, otherwise you will get a shock; literally.

What can you expect?

As an apprentice fence installer you’ll usually work as part of a team under a lead fence installer and foreperson. You could be working on a rage of projects such as farms, gardens, zoos, prisons, motorways, bridges, airports, electronic fencing or soundproof barriers to name a few.

Your day-to-day duties could include the following:

  • Removing old fencing
  • Measuring and laying out new fence lines
  • Levelling the ground
  • Using hand tools or mechanical diggers
  • Positioning wooden, concrete or metal posts and fixing them to a concrete base
  • Cutting panels to size
  • Painting and weatherproofing materials
  • Liaising with customer to understand their needs and meet deadlines
  • Use fencing materials such as timber, concrete, wire and metal
fence posts, autumn, leaves


And it doesn’t have to end there. There are so many career pathways in this industry. Limitations live only in you mind, if you use your imagination, your possibilities will become limitless. With dedication and experience you can progress to lead installer, foreperson or move onto contract management, quantity surveying, health and safety management or sales. You could also set up your own business. This Apprenticeship doesn’t just restrict you to Cornwall after you’ve gained experience in this industry you could have the opportunity to work all over the world, think Australia, USA, Russia, anywhere you can think of, the opportunities lie in fencing.


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