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Let’s Bust a few Health and Social Care Myths

There is often a misconception that the only way to work in the health and social care industry is to be a nurse or doctor. This is false; there are so many opportunities available within the health and social care industry. Health and social care is about helping people who aren’t physically or mentally able to do something without your help. Everyone is dependant on the health and social care industry at some stage of their lives, even if it is only when you’re born.

Elderly and social care worker holding hands

What do the Health and Social Care industry require from apprentices?

It’s in the name. The health and social care industry requires you to do exactly that, ‘care’. You need to truly care about patients and genuinely want to help them to improve their lives. Without that level of concern and desire to make a difference, it is impossible to succeed in this industry. Patience also goes a long way in the health and social care industry, this will enhance your ability to build relationships with patients. Careers within this industry regardless of what sector you work within are ever so rewarding however they can be challenging emotionally. You certainly need to be genuinely compassionate, empathetic and caring, but you need to be thick-skinned too, at the end of the day I’m sure they’d rather be anywhere but seeing a health profession at times.

Employers in this industry

  • Health

The NHS is most certainly the largest employer within the health and social care industry, it has over 1 million employees working in a variety of disciplines for the company. There are also other employers in the health industry that offer private care.

  • Social

You can embark on a variety of paths in the social care industry as it can be done in numerous environments. People within the industry tend to specialize in a particular area, which is defined by the kind of service users they work with and their specific type of social problems, such as domestic violence, asylum, or mental health.

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