Health & Childcare Apprenticeships: 3 Ways To Show You Care

The young, sick and vulnerable members of society rely on the support of thousands of workers across the country. If you’re thinking of joining this cause after school wraps up, we’re pretty much saluting you for being an all-round good egg, eager to spread kindness where you can.

But what can you actually do to prepare for a health or childcare career? Let’s explore three different apprenticeships that might tickle your fancy:

Nursery Assistant

It can be very satisfying to hang out with a gaggle of tykes every day, seeing them grow and change before your eyes. To gain an idea of what this is like, you can train as a nursery assistant.

The main drive of the role is to create a sense of security and calm. You’ll be interacting with young children through play, stimulating them and communicating values like friendship, sharing and curiosity. Nursery staff will show you how to keep records of each child’s progression, and respond to requirements such as allergies or behavioural problems.


Medicine has transformed the world, and the industry as a whole is pretty huge in the UK. Whether it’s for mild conditions or serious ailments, people expect a fast and accurate service at their local pharmacy. Therefore, outlets are always willing to offer apprentice schemes for pharmacy assistant and technician qualifications.

To start with, you’ll be helping out in the back room, ordering and replacing stock before it runs out. Patients might rely totally on getting their drug at a specific time, so it’s super important to be on top of what you have in-store.

Senior pharmacists will help you recognise this, along with showing you how to label pills, creams and fluids correctly. Once you’ve completed this intermediate course, you’ll have the option to train as a technician, which involves a more hands-on role.

Pharmacy apprentice

Care Worker

The country’s elderly population is steadily getting larger, meaning more and more people have to rely on support in later life. Care workers help older people live happily and comfortably, whether that’s in their own house or a care home.

As a care assistant apprentice, you’ll be meeting new people all the time, including family and friends visiting their loved one and helping you look out for their best interests.

You’ll learn how to care for a person’s possessions, change their bedding, tidy their room and wash their clothes. Eventually, you might also be asked to go with an elderly resident on visits to the doctor, or tag along on day trips. Above all, you’ll be talking and listening as well as you can, making sensitive or frail people feel valued.

There’s a whole lot more to discover in this profession, and many skillsets can contribute to an apprenticeship learning the ropes of our most vital and relied-on roles. You can find health & child care apprenticeships from top employers & agencies on CareerMap, a leading website for 14-19 year olds looking for employment.

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