How Teach First are changing the face of education

Did you know that a child from a disadvantaged background is less likely to get good GCSEs and go on to higher education? The effects of this can last a lifetime, widening social inequality. It’s a cycle we’re determined to help schools break. We’ve been supporting both primary and secondary schools for over 15 years to help build a fair education for all.

Support from Teach First isn’t just a one-off, it’s a journey. We match some of the best candidates with the schools most in need of great teachers through a variety of training programmes. But we don’t stop there. We also offer programmes for teachers at all levels in school to develop their skills for leadership positions.

Getting an Insight

Starting with Teach First at university is the best way to get to know what we’re all about, gain valuable experience and get ahead in the selection for our Training Programme. 

On our Taster Programme, first year students experience the thrill of teaching for two full days. It’s a crash-course on all things Teach First, where students discuss educational inequality, plan a lesson and flex their teaching muscles in front of a real class. 

The STEM Internship is a whole week jam-packed with workshops to build their teaching skills for students.  It’s aimed at students in their penultimate year studying science, technology, engineering or maths who get the chance to teach their very own lesson and observe outstanding lessons in one of our partner schools. The week is capped off with a shortened version of our selection day which could result in an early offer to our Training Programme.

We also hire students in all years to become Campus Representatives at lots of universities around the country. In this position, students work part-time throughout their studies to promote the Teach First mission at their university. From running events and public speaking to building relationships with academics and students, the skills gained on this programme are invaluable for their next career move. They also stand out when applying for our Training Programme so their student job could lead to their career.

The start of the journey

This past year we’ve seen our largest and most diverse cohort ever for our Training Programme. 1,735 trainees started in school this September on our programme. Whilst this number is huge, in the last 15 years we’ve placed more than 10,000 teachers in low-income areas. And these teachers have supported more than one million children.

Our two-year Training Programme provides trainees with expert support from their school and from us. Five weeks of intensive training prepares our trainees to take charge of a classroom on a 60% timetable, ready to make a difference to the lives of children from some of the UK’s poorest communities. 

We make sure that talented trainees are partnered with the schools where they can help the most. Our support focuses on the needs of schools to make sure all pupils can thrive. Within two years of partnering with us, evidence shows that schools have improved their GCSE results from 9% lower than others’ in the same school to 16% higher.

Although it’s our largest programme, we don’t just recruit new teachers on our Training Programme. We offer more specialised routes into teaching with our Time to Teach programme and Reconnect with Teaching.

Time to Teach supports people from a range of other professions to transfer their skills to build a new career in teaching. Reconnect with Teaching helps people return to teaching and find a role where they can make a real difference.

When London’s schools transformed their results, we were credited as a leading factor. Many of our trainees have moved into leadership positions in schools in low-income areas. 

Altering the outcome

Not only do we get more teachers into schools, we also offer flexible training and expert support for teachers to develop further. Great leaders build great schools so we’re working to make sure schools in low-income areas can access leadership development opportunities. 

Our school development programmes help build resilience, adaptability and personal drive to tackle specific challenges faced by each school. With five development programmes on offer, we aim to support teachers at every level of their career to take that next step in leadership.

No child’s future should be restricted by their background. We’re determined to alter the outcome and make sure every child can reach their potential. In the classroom, in work and in life. 

If you’d like to find out more about joining one of our programmes, or offering them in your school, visit our website: 

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