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The Industrial Sector

So if you’re looking to find yourself an apprenticeship but you haven’t got a clue where to start, we are breaking down the different industries for you and giving you some options to explore, and today we are looking into the industrial sector.

The industrial sector is the delivery of energy, water, telecoms to homes and businesses, and the processing of water and waste.

What does the energy sector consist of?

It consists of companies who import and sell energy to consumers, transports, highways and distribution companies. There are lots of apprenticeships available with energy suppliers including IT, software development, finance, human resources, production, servicing and marketing.

In the energy sector you can be part of the new ways to produce energy such as wind farms and create a more energy efficient world for the next generation, the possibilities are endless in this sector.

What is involved in the water sector?

In the water sector, regional water companies provide both drinking water and the association of waste infrastructure. You could go on to work in admin, managing, designing, architect and maintenance.

What about the telecommunication sector?

This is any kind of communication at a distance, for example television, Internet and the phone lines. You could work in maintenance, admin, sales, marketing and development.

Apprenticeships in telecoms may include developing new products, setting up infrastructure for customers or even product testing.

If this interests you and you are ready to look for a job in the industrial sector then why not look on out career map. There are so many apprenticeships to choose from, you can get ready to launch a career in a sector of your choice.

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