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Information and Librarian Apprenticeships Bury

Librarian or Book Wizard?

It is a misconception that librarians simply check books in and out. Librarians are like a search engine with a heart, where Google will find 100,000 answers a librarian will find the only one you need.

Do you have a passion for reading? Find your paradise with an information and librarian Apprenticeship. Reading is dreaming with open eyes, the journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.

Librarians don’t just need to be confined to a small organisation as expected. There are around 50,000 library assistants working in the UK. Bury have a public library run by a local authority. However, you can also work in the following areas:

  • The health sector
  • Universities and other educational establishments
  • Industry and commerce
  • Research associations and central government departments
  • Prisons

As a librarian apprentice your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Checking materials in and out of the library
  • Enrolling new users
  • Collecting fines
  • Sending out letters regarding overdue books
  • Putting date labels and bar codes into books
  • Repairing damaged books
  • Arranging inter-library loans
  • Purchasing new stock as directed by the librarian
  • Cataloguing new items and maintaining library databases and records
  • Keeping the library tidy and replacing returned items in the correct place

In public libraries, assistants may also be involved with local community organisations – distributing leaflets, displaying event posters, helping to mount special displays or run events in the library, such as story reading for children. No two days will ever be the same; you will be dealing with a variety of people from all backgrounds and ages. You’ll encourage them to exercise their mind and influence their perception of reading. You will support reading development for everybody, provide space for learning in libraries, help people find and acquire the information they need both from the library shelves and from online sources.

At an Intermediate Level, your main focus could be in the following areas:

  • Information Assistant– here you would be helping the public find information they require, from all kinds of sources
  • Library Assistant – this is where you’d be gathering information, resources, facilities and materials for an information service
  • Archive Assistant – this involves you maintaining information and keeping it secure
  • Records Assistant – during this apprenticeship you’d be providing the public with access to information systems
  • Search Room Assistant – where you’d be helping the organisation to comply with all relevant policies and legislation
  • Learning Support Assistant – where you’d be helping the public find learning resources and information

Upon completion of the intermediate Apprenticeship you can progress to a higher Apprenticeship where the opportunities are limitless, you could be an archive coordinator, records coordinator, senior library assistant, information services coordinator and library services supervisor.

Combine your passion and your profession with an information and librarian Apprenticeship in Bury.

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