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The Institute of Fundraising provides excellent opportunities to kick-start your career within the fundraising industry through learning specialist skills and qualifications to succeed today and in the future.

About the Institute of Fundraising (IoF)

The Institute of Fundraising support fundraisers and aspiring fundraising into the industry and helps them grow their skills, experience and knowledge through leadership and representation. Their vision is to create ‘Excellent Fundraising for a Better World.’

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What training and qualifications do the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) offer?

The Institute of Fundraising offer a range of training and qualifications. Are you passionate about fundraising? Want to advance your career? The Institute of Fundraising can help you! Whether you’re an industry professional looking to advance your fundraising skills or even if you have no experience what so ever it doesn’t matter. Whatever stage you’re currently at within your fundraising career the IoF have an extensive range of training and courses to suit everyone.

Ongoing professional development is crucial to keep up to date with the fundraising industry with introduction of the GDPR it’s important to be up to date with how this can impact you and what changes you need to make. Through undergoing training with the Institute of Fundraising this enables you to advance and develop capabilities within the industry.

The Certificate in Fundraising is generally for people with a minimum of one to three years fundraising experience either in a paid or voluntary capacity. This course will help you to build your confidence and allow you to gain knowledge and skills whilst learning about fundraising and the environment, donor behaviour, donor communication and the fundamentals of fundraising planning.

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Are you eager to advance your fundraising and management skills? If you currently have experience within a managerial role and have worked in the fundraising industry, then progress your career with a diploma in fundraising. During this course you’ll learn about aspects of the fundraising industry while building managerial skills.

The International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising will enable you to gain skills in analysis, synthesis and evaluation. If you’ve been working at a senior level for five years and have a proven knowledge of the fundraising industry, then this course can help you to advance your career.

If none of the above suit you then the IoF also offer short training courses which enables you to improve your fundraising skills through short training courses, online courses and in-house training.

If you’re new to the fundraising industry then an introduction course by the IoF can help you to develop your understanding and knowledge of fundraising. You’ll learn about the basic aspects of fundraising while also developing an understanding of legal requirements, standards, independent Fundraising Regulator and the Code of Practice which apply to fundraising.

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