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A Good News Story: The IS Business Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship

Article by AssistKD: the UK’s leading experts in Business Analysis training, and run Business Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship programmes all year round.

Statistics courtesy of BCS

It’s five years since the IS BA Level 4 Apprenticeship launched in March 2017. AssistKD is proud to have been part of the group responsible for developing the qualification. The question is, has it been a success?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Since 2019, over 550 apprentices of all ages and backgrounds have been assessed by the main end-point assessor, BCS, and have qualified as business analysts. Also, the scheme has been proven to have wide appeal.

Gender disparity in all apprenticeships can be a challenge, in particular in STEM subjects. The WISE report of 2017-18 found that only 12% of ICT apprentices were female, rising to just 15% in 2018-19.

So it’s particularly impressive that in 2021-22, 43% of those gaining the Level 4 award were female –significantly higher than average for a higher-level IT apprenticeship.

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The IS BA Level 4 Apprenticeship Gender Balance

Over the course of the pandemic, apprentices have had to rise to the added challenge of virtual working, virtual training and virtual mentoring. It is to their credit that the pass rate has remained consistently high. In 2021-22 the overall pass rate was 95%, with a distinction rate of 28%. AssistKD is proud to be one of the top performers, contributing to this exceptional pass rate.

The Level 4 Apprenticeship also has a wide age range of candidates, ranging from 18 to 64 in 2021-22. To date, 71.5% of apprentices have been over the age of 25 and 19.25% over the age of 40 and they have been based all over England, from Cornwall to Cumbria.

With its high pass rate, wide range of age and geographical location and healthier gender balance than most other STEM apprenticeships, the IS Business Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship is the good news story we’ve all been hoping for. Long may the success stories and the launching of new business analyst careers continue!


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