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IT Apprenticeships in Birmingham

Where would we be without our mobile phones, computers or the internet?

Can you remember the last time you went a day without using some form of technical device? I know we can’t.

IT Apprenticeships can lead you to an industry with endless opportunities as statistics show the biggest growth of all industries in recent years.

Why do an IT Apprenticeship in Birmingham?

As an apprentice you will gain all the relevant IT qualifications you need to truly impress your future employers whilst getting paid to learn and being proficient in the use of modern technology. An exceptional opportunity working in Birmingham City has arose working as an apprentice for a company that has built a reputation for reliability and quality of service.

A staggering 92% of apprentices secure a permanent job after finishing their programme that means the chances of securing a role after your apprenticeship is extremely high. The ideal candidate for IT should be keen to learn, hard working, motivated and enjoy problem solving.

‘Everyone should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think’ – Steve Jobs.

So what exactly did Steve Jobs mean by this statement? You will start seeing problems in the light of solutions. When you encounter a problem after learning to program, you start envisioning the possible ways to solve it. You may even anticipate some good results from it. However hard the problem might seem, you become determined to act on it anyhow. You transform yourself into a solution-driven individual.

Think you’re a tech savvy genius? Apply Today. Choose Birmingham as your location.


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