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Careermap in conjunction with PiXL Futures are hosting a live webinar to help you meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. Highly respected specialist and education consultant, Brian Lightman of PiXL Futures, will speak at the Careermap CPD webinar on Wednesday 18 September at 4pm. 

This is a free event, all you’ll need is WiFi. As long as you have a device connected to the internet then you can access the webinar anywhere. Click the button below to book.

You will then receive confirmation of your order and nearer the time you’ll receive a link where you can watch the webinar live. If you need any help or would like more information contact 

Brian will share his knowledge on how schools and colleges can accomplish Gatsby Benchmark 3: Addressing the needs of each pupil and Gatsby Benchmark 8: Personal guidance and putting these into practice in the careers strategy. 

Brian will discuss in great detail the importance of providing high-quality career guidance and advice in schools and colleges while tailoring the advice to meet the needs of each individual child. PiXL Futures and Careermap both acknowledge the significance of career education guidance in helping young people to understand the pathways available to them. 

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What Will the Webinar Include?

The Careers Strategy provides statutory guidance and requirements for schools and colleges. Our aim is to provide webinars that support you in understanding what is expected of your school or college, but to give practical tips from experts to help you meet the Gatsby Benchmarks that make up the core of the Strategy. 

This webinar aims to equip teachers and career leaders with the necessary skills to apply the Gatsby Benchmarks to their lesson planning and career guidance in schools and colleges. The webinar is live and will:

  • Give a brief introduction and interview of Brian Lightman
  • Offer expert advice and guidance with practical tips
  • Cover two of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks as set out by the Careers Strategy
  • Explain how this can be done day-to-day
  • Give an opportunity to ask questions live
  • Interact with other members of the audience
  • Provide a recorded resource for you to refer back to and engage your colleagues who may not be able to attend

Who Is involved?

About Brian Lightman, PiXL Futures

Brian Lightman of PiXL Futures and knowledgeable educationalist will be joining the discussion to provide insights on academic discipline, linking careers to the curriculum and school career advice evaluation and education guidance. 

PiXL Futures support schools and secondary school in providing high-quality career advice and guidance to young people. Careermap recently became an official Community Partner with PiXL, we work together to provide useful and interesting resources for the classroom.

Brian Lightman has developed extensive expertise in the career and education sector with over 30 years of experience. His previous job roles have helped him to develop knowledge in this particular field. Before joining PiXL Futures, Brian was a headteacher and the General Secretary of the ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders).  

Brian is well respected by the English and Welsh Education Systems and is often invited to webinars, discussions, media events and has contributed to publications include Careermag produced by Careermap with support from PiXL. 

About Careermap Representative Sharon

Sharon, Director of Careermap and experienced career industry expert, will be hosting the live webinar. She will be asking the questions on every teacher and career leaders mind. Sharon has built her knowledge in the career and education sectors with over 15 years experience. 

She is often seen as a guest speaker at conferences and has appeared on TV and radio as well as contributing her knowledge to articles in the sector. Prior to this, Sharon was an FE College Lecturer and has experienced first hand the challenges young people face in the career landscape.

Sharon is passionate about making a difference to young students lives. This passion has spurred her to provide quality information and guidance for young people, their parents and guardians, teachers, career leaders, schools and colleges. 

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