Join the Careermap, Build UK and Mace Construction CPD Webinar

Careermap alongside Build UK and Mace Construction recently hosted a CPD webinar which revealed how schools and colleges can meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. Build UK’s Alice Cook and Mace Construction’s Callum Bridgmount joined forces to highlight the opportunities in construction and the built environment.

Build UK and Mace Construction enlightened teachers and Career Leaders on the career opportunities available and the sector crossover which you may see. They discussed how to implement Gatsby Benchmarks 2 (labour market information), 5 (encounters with employers and employees) and 6 (workplace experience) into your Career Strategy.

The live webinar also included:

Who Was Involved?

About Build UK and Mace Construction

Build UK represents the UK’s construction industry and are passionate about developing the present and future generation of skilled construction workers. Securing the skills required in the construction industry is vital to the UK economy. Without construction workers where would we be? No homes, no roads, no hospitals – it doesn’t bear thinking about. 

Mace is a world-wide consultancy company who specialises in construction. Mace recognises that we live in a rapidly developing world and that construction projects are becoming increasingly complex. Sustainable development requires immediate attention – now more than ever! 

Build UK and Mace Construction joined forces to bring to you a CPD webinar focusing on how to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. Young people need to understand the pathways available to them in the construction industry. 

Think the construction industry is all about hard hats and hi-vis? We understand why you might think this but let us tell you it’s not! This presumption is misguided and you might be surprised to hear that there are many other careers in the industry! 

Inspiring and influencing young people to consider a career in construction is fundamental to the UK’s built environment. From construction management to quality assurance, the possibilities are endless. 

About Careermap Director, Sharon Walpole

Sharon Walpole, Director of Careermap will be hosting the live webinars. Sharon has a solid understanding and advanced knowledge of the career sector. Sharon is a highly respected professional in the careers sector and appearing on the TV, radio or as a guest speaker conferences has become second nature.  

Having worked in the career sector for over 15 years, Sharon recognises that the young people of today are our future so we need them to understand the career pathways available to them. 

Careermap want young people to enjoy a positive future and we want to ensure they are getting access to support, guidance and opportunities in schools and colleges. Students are the employers of tomorrow. Encouraging them to explore their options will leave young people driven to shape the future. 

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