Land Based Apprenticeships in the Yorkshire region

Not all jobs have four walls, think about what a land based Apprenticeship in Yorkshire could offer. You’ll spend most of your time outdoors, surrounded by nature, a mass of green grasses, growing wheat and barely, revelling in defeating tough weather conditions. Most importantly, you’ll learn to appreciate the food put in front of you, which so many of us are guilty of taking for granted.

Countryside or City?

Would you rather by amongst the sounds of nature and animals as opposed to city traffic and the noise of man? The Yorkshire Dales have farmed for thousands of years. Over the centuries, people’s interaction with nature has produced countryside of incredible beauty.

Don’t just dismiss agriculture as offering low skilled and poorly paid work. The sector offers various pathways including, farming and harvesting, research and science, nutrition, agricultural consultancy, plant breeding, field trials, and soil science. In a broader context the industry also offers careers in education, arboriculture, health and safety, environmental management and engineering.

The sector has changed significantly over the past years, it might surprise you to find out over 70% of the land in Yorkshire is managed by agriculture, meaning there will always be a high demand for land based careers.

What can you do in the Land Based Industry?

There are many apprenticeships available in the land based sector such as engineering, the nature of your work will depend on your employer but you could be working on complex agriculture machinery (tractors, combine harvesters), ground care machinery, forestry machinery (chainsaws), fixed machinery (milking equipment); and construction machinery (trucks).

You could also work within the farming and harvest sector of land based Apprenticeships. This will involve long hours, but you’ll have a passion for what you do. Some will call it the middle of nowhere but to you it will be the centre of your entire world. Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant, what you plant now you will harvest later. You could be taking care of livestock animals to raise profit. The most important livestock are cattle, swine, sheep, and goats, raised for food, their hides, or their hair. A few livestock farmers raise horses, mules, or donkeys as draft animals—animals that pull loads or machinery.

Gamekeepers are another Apprenticeship you could do. You’ll manage both upland and lowland areas for the benefit of game, for example pheasant, partridge, grouse, duck and deer both reared or wild. You will also control pests and predators as well as maintaining and creating woodlands, hedgerows, heather moorland, ponds and wetlands for quarry species and it is acknowledged that these provide habitats and ecosystems for many other kinds of wildlife and help to ensure the biodiversity of the UK countryside.

Don’t follow the pathways, take the trails instead. There won’t be WI-FI out in the fields but we can promise you you’ll find a better connection.

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