Life Stories | Tolu Egberongbe, Student at UTC

What’s it really like to be an apprentice? We asked Tolu to share her experiences.

A career in construction was not always the plan for me however through studying at college, I realised that I had a skill in 3D modelling and design. I began to explore into 3D modelling career opportunities which led me into a career in construction. Even though I had the motivation and passion for 3D modelling, it is extremely difficult to find a direct route into it as it is such a specialist role.

This quote perfectly explains my eagerness to engineering design. To me was not just about producing things that people could see or use. It was more about understanding and improving the functionality of existing products.

Engineering a New Career in Construction

Like Steve Jobs once said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ” Impatiently, my hunger for more knowledge in design and how engineers impact the world grew. To help me, I searched for apprenticeships within construction as the demand for 3D modellers in this sector is at its all-time high.

However, due to it being such a specialist skill, the only way to become a modeller in construction was to through the route of being a civil engineer with digital solutions degree apprenticeship. To find an apprenticeship such as this was very difficult as not all companies offer civil engineering with digital solutions. 

However, as my search deepened I found that construction didn’t only have high demand for 3D modelling but high demand for engineering in general. This is why I broadened my search to all engineering jobs, to make my dream of becoming a CAD specialist a reality.

My passion for engineering began at home; whenever my dad has anything to fix at home, I always assisted him. Through this I became a person who was able to learn by doing things by hand, the constant exposure to fixing things myself rather than having others fix them for me became my motivation for wanting to become an engineer. 

Without this, I would not have been able to explore the different careers and would have gone down a more traditional path. Engineering allows me to show the creativity and innovation that I wish to portray and show everyone.  

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