Mechanic Apprenticeships in Dorset

Is a Mechanic Apprenticeship for you?

Did you always love playing with toy cars and lorries as a kid? Do you see a mass of wires, belts and parts that make little sense when you pop the bonnet of a vehicle? Or do you think like a mechanic and see things very differently; they see a puzzle under the bonnet, pieces that fit together just as they should.

There is much more to being a mechanic than what meets the eye, they inspect, repair and maintain both light vehicles (light trucks, cars, ect and heavy vehicles (large construction vehicles, lorries etc).

About Mechanic Apprenticeships

A mechanic Apprenticeship really is the perfect route into this industry. It allows you to gain both on the job experience which can then be applied as knowledge whilst working towards your Apprenticeship qualification.

So I bet by now you’re wondering what your typical day to day duties will involve as a mechanic apprentice?

Depending on your employer you will normally carry out the following:

  1. Working on both petrol and diesel vehicles to repair, inspect and maintain them
  2. Learn all technical skills that are involved
  3. Follow rule and regulations to ensure the working environment is safe
  4. Use diagnostic and complex mechanical and electrical measuring equipment
  5. Keeping track of stock, parts and equipment
  6. Making sure you work to customers expectations and to high quality

This video shows what a typical mechanic apprentice will do on a daily basis:

What’s next?

Progression routes as a mechanic apprentice include positions as a senior technician, workshop supervisor or garage manager. You may even go on to set up your own business. The possibilities are endless. Remember though! Whatever you aspire to do in the mechanic industry all begins with an Apprenticeship.

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