Myth-Busting About a Career in Fashion

The fashion world is much broader than how it seems on the surface. From crucial head office roles in marketing and merchandising all the way through to supply chain logistics and spotting e-commerce trends. 

Employers are looking for a variety of skills

A prevailing myth is the idea that if you pursue a career in fashion, you’re likely to be a designer, which is highly competitive. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

From marketing and supply chain logistics to data analytics and merchandising, the retail sector requires a huge and varying number of skill sets to often even get your foot in the door.

Institutions like our own offer dedicated courses to help students who want to pursue a career in fashion pick up the right skills to get into the jobs of their choice.

The Fashion Retail Academy was founded by industry, for industry, in response to an overwhelming gap for skilled new entrants. As such, we offer three fast track two year BA (HONS) degrees, designed to catapult students into the world of fashion. These are the BA (HONS) In Business Management for Fashion, the BA (HONS) In Marketing & Communications for Fashion and the BA (HONS) In Buying & Merchandising.

Multiple careers under one roof

Fashion retail is a dynamic and ever-changing industry and, as such, requires impeccable leadership skills — particularly from those working in head office roles, such as Buying, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, Design, Digital, Merchandising and Retail Management.

These can be hugely rewarding careers, both professionally and financially, but candidates need to be properly prepared for the roles. That is why Fashion Retail Academy offer one-year diploma courses and two-year degrees across all of these fundamentally integral areas of the industry.

Not just strictly for ‘creatives’

There is a perception that to work in fashion, you need to be instinctively creative with a flair for style and an eye for design. In fact, to the contrary, companies are increasingly looking for students with a grasp of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, as more and more roles in the sector require more technical and analytical mindsets.

With the rise of online shopping and ‘multi-channel’ experiences, the ability to analyse trends in habits and help to create more personal shopping journeys for customers is vitally important for the fashion industry. To acknowledge this increased weight on data and analysis, from next year we will be offering a BSc in Data Analytics for Retail.  

Changing environment creating job opportunities

Despite what the headlines would have you believe, fashion and the fashion retailing sector is thriving. The shape of retail might have changed over the last few years but, fundamentally, consumers are still willing to spend their money – and now online and mobile shopping has overtaken physical sales.

While some retailers have been caught out by this shift to e-commerce and haven’t reacted quickly enough, there are dozens more that are thriving in this new consumer environment. Now retailers of all sorts are looking to hire technologically-minded employees who will help them to ride this wave of shifting habits.

It’s a brave new world and versatile retailers are thriving – and hiring – like never before.

This article was wrote by Lee Lucas, Principal of the Fashion Retail Academy. Find out more here. 

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