National Apprenticeship Week 2020

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is ‘Look Beyond’. It’s a week’s worth of celebrations and an opportunity to embrace the diversity that apprenticeships bring to employers and young talent. 

What is National Apprenticeship Week all about?

National Apprenticeship Week is all about taking a ‘look beyond’ traditional learning routes and recognising the opportunities available via an apprenticeship. 

From 3rd – 7th February, this week gives young people the chance to explore a range of industries where apprenticeships are offered, encourages employers to consider hiring an apprentice and parents and teachers to eradicate the common misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships. 

National Apprenticeship Week also provides young people with insights into what apprenticeships are and helps bust any common myths surrounding them. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to hear inspiring case studies, progression success stories and fire up a career you’ll love! 

Everyone from apprentices, employers, teachers and students come together to celebrate apprenticeships and how young talent can bring energy and innovation into a business. 

Could you be the talent employers are looking for?

If you’re keen to commit to an apprenticeship then before you get started, there are a few things you should know. Some common misconceptions people make about apprenticeships are…

They are only for people who didn’t do well in school. 

This isn’t true at all and an apprenticeship can be for anyone looking for an alternative to more traditional routes. 

Apprenticeships are considered a lower value qualification. 

This certainly isn’t true! Apprenticeships actually range from level 2 to level 7 – yes that’s right! You can now get a Masters degree via an apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeships don’t pay well.

This isn’t always true. Some apprenticeships pay well above the apprentice minimum wage, but it is worth checking! 

Apprenticeships are just for trades.

Certainly not! Apprenticeships cover a number of industries, from health care, law, business, management, engineering, construction and even teaching plus much more! They definitely are not ‘just for trades’ and can be a great way into many professions.

‘Look Beyond’ the misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships!

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