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Working in the NHS isn’t just for doctors and nurses …

As an apprentice within the NHS you could do this in various disciplines; today’s role we’re going to be discussing business and administration Apprenticeships. After all doctors and nurses do need someone to log in their patients and keep everything in order.

Business and Administration Apprenticeships

What will I be doing?

As an NHS administration staff, you’ll be the back bone, providing business support to clinical and non-clinical staff. The NHS has to be well organised and log patient and staff records. You’ll also need to be at hand to answer telephone calls, what would happen if people called 999 and no one answered? It doesn’t even bear thinking about … disaster will strike.

Roles in Business and Administration Apprenticeships within the NHS

During a business and administration Apprenticeships for the NHS you can work in the following areas:

health records staff
medical secretary/personal assistant
telephonist/switchboard operator

Each and every role within the NHS is crucial.

Skills Needed

Working in the NHS can be very challenging and stressful at times. You need to ensure you’re organised with good communication and time management skills. You also need to be a focused person and not easily distracted, at times you could be inputting data on a patients medical records you need to ensure these are accurate and precise. The NHS don’t want ‘allergic to lamb chops’ because you’re too busy thinking about what you’re having for tea when really you should have input ‘allergic to penicillin’. Next time the patient visits penicillin may be distributed and could lead to a negative portrayal of the NHS. Check out the NHS employer profile.

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