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Part time jobs for the Christmas period

As the Christmas period quickly approaches for another year, you might be faced with the daunting prospect of having to fork out for all those gifts with little to none budget. Let’s face it your student loan isn’t going to suffice your needs especially since it’s already undergone Halloween, Freshers Week and accommodation costs. If only there was a way to earn some extra cash to buy all those gifts, improve your CV AND have money left over. Well there is, it’s called a part time job for the Christmas period!

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Part time jobs for the Christmas period are extremely popular amongst young students. Many employers offer casual hours, this means that within reason you can pick and choose when you’re available to work.

Careermap has put together some top tips to follow when searching for a part time job for the Christmas period.

Retail and Hospitality are your Christmas go to:

The retail and hospitality industry is HUGE, especially at Christmas. Everyone dashes out in a mad rush to buy Christmas presents and hundred of people arrange Christmas parties at restaurants! You could work for the likes of M&S, Argos, Boots and Royal Mail. These large chains all hire a large number of seasonal workers each year.

Apply online

We’re all so reliant on the internet in this day and age and it’s no different when it comes down to applying for jobs. You could go to shops in person with your CV but it’s increasingly likely that you’ll be asked to refer back to the website and fill out an online application form.

Get filling the applications in now!

There’s no time like the present when it comes to applying for a job, the market is extremely competitive so apply for the job ASAP and for as many as possible!

Be available

Most applications will ask you to select hours and days you’re available to work. Make sure you select as many as you’re free to work. Sit down and think about what your commitments are at university or college and times you’ll be revising so you have a plan that will make sure your part time job won’t hinder your studies.

Father Christmas holding sign for part time jobs for the Christmas period

Now start applying and watch your money worries fade away, you’ll be able to afford all the Christmas presents you need plus a little extra for yourself, WINNER!

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