How to Prepare for an Interview

Once you have an interview for an apprenticeship you might find yourself feeling a bit nervous. This is normal for everyone, and we have some tips to help you prepare.

When you are preparing for an interview you should make sure to research the company properly. This will show that you have an interest in business and will give you an insight to where you will be working.

Think about how well your skills and experiences will fit in with the job and the organisation. If you’re going to be working there you will need to use the skills you have.

Write down a list of questions you might be asked, and then prepare several complete answers for each. You can even practice interviewing with a friend or relative to help build your confidence.

You should take care plan your journey and the transport you will need to get there. Make sure to plan to arrive early, to allow for diversions or any other unexpected delays. It is usually worth taking some extra cash with you in case you unexpectedly need to get a taxi or a bus.

Plan what you will wear the night before. It’s best to choose comfortable, polished shoes so that if you are given a tour of the building you will not have any problems walking. To know what to wear you should try and imagine what employees in the company will be wearing. For example, if it is office work then a suit is ideal.

How do I make a good impression?

You should arrive at least five minutes early; this will give you enough time to relax but not enough time to become too nervous.

Take any documents that might be appropriate to the interview e.g. CV, qualifications and portfolio of work.

Highlight your best attributes and think about what you want the interviewer to know about you.

Pay attention to the way you communicate, evidence shows that non-verbal communication can overpower verbal communication. So if you tell the interviewer you are confident then make sure you are through body language.

Make sure you practise anything you are concerned about; it could be practising your answers to a trial run of your journey.

Where can I find apprenticeships?

To help you find your apprenticeship you can use the tools found on our homepage. They list a huge range of different apprenticeships in all different career paths. The website is

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