Quality is at the Heart of ProVQ Apprenticeships

ProVQ apprenticeships can help you to start a successful career in the automotive industry. Are you driven to pursue a career in the automotive industry? If so, the rewards will certainly be worth it.

About the Automotive Industry

The constant evolution of technology, means today’s vehicles are both clean and highly complex. To this end, the workshop is now a much cleaner environment to work in and our Apprentices work with new, clean hybrid technology.

Long gone are the days of dirty overalls, dirty hands and tools all over the place.

Today’s technicians need their wits about them. Complex diagnostics, auto electrics, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technology call for a high level of skill when having to look up, understand and interpret technical data.

This information then has to be put into practise. No mean feat. It’s an exciting industry to be a part of! If you’ve got a passion for all things vehicles and fixing things then this could be the route for you!

About ProVQ Apprenticeships

ProVQ apprenticeships combine on the job training with off the job training which will enable you to develop invaluable experience, a nationally recognised qualification and in-demand skills.

Do you want to become an industry expert in the motor industry? An apprenticeship with ProVQ could be just what you’re looking for!

What do ProVQ apprenticeships include?

We offer a number of motor vehicle apprenticeships at ProVQ. These include:

  • Vehicle Parts – Level 3
  • Customer Service – Level 3
  • Vehicle Fitting – Level 2 (Fast Fit and Specialist Tyre Fitting)
  • Vehicle Body and Paint – Level 2 (Body Repair and Body Refinishing)
  • Vehicle Body and Paint – Level 3 (Body Repair and Body Refinishing)

ProVQ apprenticeships also deliver the new standards which have been approved including:

  • Automotive Retail (Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician – Light Vehicle)
  • Land Based Engineering (Land-based Service Engineer and Land-based Engineering Technician)
  • Leadership and Management (Team Leader/Supervisor and Operations/Departmental Manager)

The Motor Industry Puts You in the Driving Seat of Your Career

An apprenticeship in the motor industry demands a lot of commitment, but it’s well worth it. You develop skills and knowledge whilst being paid, culminating in a nationally recognised qualification and a highly sought-after trade.

It doesn’t end there either. Once qualified, the world is your oyster. From technicians and workshop managers to technical trainers and company directors, it’s your choice as to how far you progress within the industry.

All it takes is commitment.

Explore apprenticeships in the motor industry…

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