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A Rewarding Career in Health and Social Care

If you have an aptitude for listening and caring, you might want to think about a health and social care apprenticeship. The population of the UK is slowly but surely aging. As a result there is demand for people to provide high quality care.

There are two apprenticeship routes for anyone interested in a health or social care role. The intermediate level apprenticeship will give you the knowledge and experience to work in a huge variety of jobs. These include; care worker, mental health support worker, relief team worker, home care support worker and substance misuse worker.

The advanced level apprenticeship will enable you to work at a more senior level. Examples of the kind of job you could take on include; relief team leader, social services officer, senior healthcare support worker.

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It’s true that health and care work is not always the best paid, especially less senior roles. The work usually comes with other benefits, however. It’s incredibly important work and can be very rewarding.

Social and care work is also a popular choice for anyone with family commitments. It is frequently done in shift patterns or on a relief or casual basis so it can often be fitted around childcare or family needs.

Health and social care apprenticeships are widely available. At the time of writing, there were many in the Southampton area, to give one example.

There’s demand, the work can be flexible and it can be very rewarding. If this appeals, why wait? Look into a health and social care apprenticeship today.

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