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The Royal Institute of Philosophy covers all the branches that the subject offers and provide an excellent opportunity for you to explore the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence through discovering key aspects of philosophy.

About the Royal Institute of Philosophy

The Royal Institute of Philosophy aims to organise and promote by teaching, discussions and researching the advancement of philosophy. Sydney Hooper, founded the Institute in 1925 after Bertrand Russell was sent to prison for sponsoring an anti-war pamphlet and it was then argued that prisoner should be allowed writing materials in their prison cells and when agreed Russell then wrote an ‘Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy’.

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What training and qualification opportunities do the Royal Institute of Philosophy offer?

The Royal Institute of Philosophy opens a wide range of opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds to learn and build their knowledge on philosophy and what it is through discussions, debates, lectures and research.

Are you a theorist? Interested in philosophy and want to know more? If so, you must read on!

The Royal Institute of Philosophy are eager to sponsor conferences such as departmental conferences, conferences for schools, and postgraduate conferences which will enable students to explore different aspects of the industry while engaging the interest of students in basic philosophical issues and decide whether a philosophy related career is what they are looking for.

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The Royal Institute of Philosophy also provide two hour sessions for students aged 16-19 to broaden their knowledge. This involves a fully qualified teacher with a PhD in philosophy to teach you where you’ll tackle topics related to ethics, the mind, aesthetics, free will, knowledge and so on.

The course offered by the Royal Institute of Philosophy is a great way to get your mind working and thinking outside the box about important world topics such as the mind, life, political and social theories.

Are you looking for an accessible introduction to philosophy? They Royal Institute of Philosophy offer a ten week introduction course that will ensure you’re asking deeper questions about philosophy topics for instance you will question the basis of knowledge while examining the nature of the mind, building your own knowledge and ideas about the nature of morality and moral responsibility and think about what organising society in a just and fair manner means.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy are offering you the chance to win £2,500 by winning the essay competition where your essay will also be published in philosophy and you’ll be identified as the essay prize winner.

Wondering what you need to do? Simply write an essay based on Philosophy and International Relations – remember you need to keep it original! Application deadline ends on the 1st October 2018. 

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Ready to create your ideas and learn more about philosophy? 

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