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Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships – Now and the Future …

Sales, marketing and procurement are three integrated and essential business activities. But what do each of them mean?


So we’ve all heard of sales but what do people that work in sales actually do? Sales is a term used for someone who sell a service or product.

This can be done in numerous ways, over the phone, emails or even knocking down the doors. There’s  misconception that sales is easy but believe us when we tell you it’s not! You’ll have to overcome objections, negotiate prices and terms, deal with rejection and ensure customer’s orders are filled. Sales requires you to focus on the now.

Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships


Marketing involves understanding the marketplace and the customers perspective. It’s creative, dynamic and innovative. You’ll lead the company to where it needs to be in the future by using tools and tactics to attract the market. You’ll also need build relationships, and develop leads as well as promoting the company in a positive light. Unlike sales, marketing focuses on the future and the now.

Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships


Procurement is all about how money is spent and implemented to add to the success of the company. You’ll research and evaluate products to make the wise decision on which purchase should be made by using cost effective strategies.

Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships

Now you know what each job is, it’s time to decide where you think you’ll fit in best! Unfortunately, we can’t decide for you that’s down to you.

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