Sam Holdsworth: Chartered Business Management Degree Apprentice

Sam Holdsworth: Chartered Business Management Degree Apprentice

What is your current job role?

I currently work as a UX Designer on a public sector project as part of my business apprenticeship.

What made you decide to come to IBM as a school leaver?

When I was in sixth form, I realised that the conventional route of university straight after school wasn’t for me and so I decided on a gap year. Upon exploring gap year programmes around the UK, I came across the IBM Futures scheme and it seemed like a perfect 12-month programme. The appeal of a job with real responsibility and challenge was the biggest drawing factor.

What hints or tips would you pass to those who are interested in applying to IBM as a school leaver?

My biggest tip for those looking to apply to IBM is to find out what excites you about tech and IBM specifically. No recruiter is looking for years of experience and big company names on your CV, so just think about how you can articulate your passion and interest for whichever scheme you’re applying to.

What’s the best thing about your current role?

The best thing about my current role and project is the team. I work in a joint government and IBM team and we are based all-round the UK – from the highlands of Scotland to Cornwall! The team environment and the passion for the project everyone has means the work is always exciting.

What support was available to you when starting at IBM?

When I started IBM, I was apprehensive about joining a corporate culture straight from school fearing I would be one of few young people. I could not have been more wrong! We have a great set of support communities within the young people of IBM and having a dedicated manager outside my role focussing on my support and career progression has been great.

What’s the best thing about being at IBM?

The best thing about IBM is the focus on learning and the culture built around this. Since joining I have moved from a specialised recruitment role to one in pure client design, and this is all credit to the opportunity IBM has provided me to move around and find out what I want to do at this stage in my career.

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