STEM Graduates

STEM Graduates offer a range of exciting opportunities for you to kick-start a career in science, technology, engineering or maths. Are you due to finish university soon or already have? Looking to kick-start your career in STEM? There is a wide range of graduate opportunities available for you to begin your career journey in what could be your first ever job!

If you’ve recently graduated or are due to graduate then you could start your career with a rapidly growing tech start ups, science experts, expanding engineering companies or accounting professionals. The opportunities really are endless! STEM careers can be highly rewarding and exciting so if you’re passionate about a career in STEM then there are many options for you!

What STEM Graduate Opportunities are there available?

There are a vast variety of STEM opportunities available, so whether you’re tech expert or are passionate about engineering and everything in between, there is bound to be an opportunity perfect for you! These could include: 

These are just a few of the career routes you can go down!

The STEM Graduates Shortage

We often hear the Government discuss the STEM shortage and a CBI survey recently revealed that 40% of employers reported a stem graduates shortage which is related to the barrier associated with recruiting relevant staff. The STEM shortage comes at a time where the UK already faces challenges as it enters it’s ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ which is creating the foundations for the change of how we live, work and communicate with one another. 

We’ll be seeing technology-driven changes, which have already begun. Artificial intelligence is already a part of society today, from cars which drive themselves to drones and visual assistants. Technology is shaping the way we live – whether we realise it or not. revealed how over half of the businesses are expecting the STEM shortage to worsen over the coming years. The UK aims to build a talent pipeline of skilled STEM professionals but schools and the government can’t do this alone. Businesses have a vital role to play too in homegrown talent. 

Women in STEM

STEM disciplines are constantly evolving and there is an imperative drive to attract female graduates into the industry. Recruiting women into STEM careers is at the core of the industry. As it stands, careers in STEM are underrepresented by women and they make up a small percentage of the STEM workforce in comparison to men. But why do we need more women working in STEM? 

Recruiting women into the industry helps create a larger talent pool with more strength and quality for the industry. 

A diverse workforce enables staff to look at things from different perspectives, we don’t all think the same and by creating a varied workforce allows for diverse thinking. 

Women in STEM success stories offer inspiration for the future workforce and as the STEM industry currently faces a shortage of professionals, attracting STEM graduates into the industry could be a way to close the gap. 

Who are STEM Graduates?

STEM Graduates are a specialist graduate recruitment agency who provide students who are due to qualify from university or have already graduated with careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. 

If you’re interested in applying for a STEM graduate opportunity then we have lots of vacancies.

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