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In 2019, research conducted by The Education Policy Institute demonstrated that there can be up to an 18 month academic divide between students who come from lower income backgrounds and their classmates. If nothing is done imminently to address this, at the current rate, the same study suggested that it will take up to 500 years for this gap to close.

As a parent, when it comes to your child’s education, you only ever want what’s best for them, but subsidising your child’s learning with extra-curricular private tuition can be expensive and is not always available when your child needs it. So besides becoming an expert in your child’s subjects and helping with their homework or revision yourself, what’s the alternative? 

That’s where Peer Tutor comes in.

Promoting possibilities

Peer Tutor is a brand new peer-to-peer learning app, wholly owned by educational charity NCFE, which provides young people with around the clock access to tailored learning support, connecting them ‘on demand’ with a DBS checked and verified peer tutor to answer their questions in real time or even deliver live lessons using high quality learning resources endorsed by Collins.

Designed to provide a low cost, high quality alternative to traditional tutoring, Peer Tutor has been created with accessibility in mind, to help provide equal opportunities to out of hours learning for everyone.

Ideal for students studying for their GCSEs or A Levels, Peer Tutor is operated on a credit-based, pay as you learn system. Parents can purchase ‘gems’ to exchange for question and answer based support, essay feedback or a 30-minute live tutoring session in a virtual classroom, all delivered through the app by fellow students who have passed their own exams at Level 6 (Grade B) or above.

Safe and secure

As a concept, peer tutoring is already used all over the world so that  students can help other students consolidate what they have learnt in the classroom and get ahead in their studies. Through the power of technology, we wanted to widen its appeal and make the benefits of peer-to-peer learning accessible to everyone to create a better balance in students’ learning experiences.

We’ve worked really hard to develop the app in line with the needs of not just learners, but parents too. We take online safety very seriously and have built-in a number of security features, including the latest AI screening technologies to moderate documents and feedback to ensure that young people stay safe while using the app.

Looking forward

Looking to the future, we’ve got grand plans for Peer Tutor. We’re constantly developing new innovative features to help improve young people’s learning experiences and we’ve also launched a corporate sponsorship programme, where businesses can sponsor a school in their local area to help provide pupils with access to the app for free.

We’re really excited by the possibilities that Peer Tutor can open up for young learners to help them further their lives and careers. You can find out more about the app and how it can help your teen at – never let them get stuck on their homework again!

Wayne Harrison, CEO and Founder at Peer Tutor

Students at Seaham High School have excelled through using Peer Tutor, a peer-to-peer learning app which helps young people progress and achieve in a safe and secure environment, anytime, anywhere.

The innovative mobile app is a low cost, high quality alternative to traditional private tutoring, ideal for supporting young people through their GCSEs and A Levels.  

Mia, a student at Seaham High School who has benefitted from Peer Tutor said: “I feel like I’ve been put at an advantage, not only in my exams but just in overall schoolwork because it’s helped me develop a better outlook on work and questions.”

The easy-to-use app provides students with access to personalised, one-to-one lessons, Q&A platforms and a feedback service, all provided by high-achieving students.

Achieving brighter outcomes

Joanne Pyke, a teacher at the school commented: “Peer Tutor is a fantastic way for students to research themselves and look into their own work and be able to find out where they need independent revision and extra help. The students really see the benefits and the outcomes, and I see it too in their results.” 

Another student commented on the convenience and comfort of the mobile app as they don’t necessarily have to talk to anyone face to face and they have their phone on them the majority of the time. 

Isobel added: “From us using Peer Tutor and seeing the benefits of how it can help, I now want to help other students.” 

Creating a level playing field

Wayne Harrison, Founder of Peer Tutor said: “I created Peer Tutor to help make a level playing field for young people. We believe that household income shouldn’t dictate educational outcomes of young people. 

“Research shows that the most disadvantaged students are almost 2 years behind their wealthier peers by the time they finish their GCSEs,  however, students can make an additional 5 months progress when they work with a Peer Tutor. What’s more, all peer tutors are DBS checked and verified so parents can rest assured knowing their child is safe.”  

Choose Peer Tutor to give your child the homework support they need.  

Search Peer Tutor in the App Store or visit for more information.

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