IT and Telecoms Apprenticeships

Why consider doing an IT and Telecoms Apprenticeship?

IT (Information Technology) is everywhere. To prove the point, you are reading this article online. In today’s society, good IT skills are essential, and keeping up to date with the latest technologies and software is a necessity in this ever-changing, ever-growing technological world. As a result, there is great demand for forward-thinking individuals with advanced IT abilities and, therefore, developing your skills in this area could be the best decision you make for your career.

What experience and skills can I expect to gain as an IT and Telecoms Apprentice?

IT and Telecoms jobs not only require you to have good technical skills but also require good interpersonal and communication skills. Through the experiences you will have as an IT and Telecoms Apprentice, you will be able to grow and develop your people skills, as well as your technical skills. Whether you want to focus mainly on IT or on Telecoms, your apprenticeship is likely to include a range of tasks and learning experiences.

Telecoms Apprenticeships generally cover broadband, mobile phones and satellite communications and will teach apprentices skills in the areas of customer care, basic IT applications, managing software development and system security.

IT Apprenticeships, on the other hand, focus on developing the skills necessary to help businesses and individuals become more successful through computer solutions. For example, this could be developing software or websites, training people to use IT facilities or helping businesses set up new IT systems.

IT Apprenticeships & Apprenticeships in Telecoms

What types of IT and Telecoms Apprenticeships and Roles are available?

At an Intermediate level, you could be working as a Support Technician, Website Administrator or Helpdesk Professional.

Advanced Level Apprenticeships offer experiences in roles such as Software or Web Developer, Network Engineer, Software Tester, Network Planner or Database Administrator.

In a Higher Apprenticeship, you could take on roles like an IT project manager, Analyst Developer, Network/Telecoms Manager, IT Service Manager or IT Security Analyst.

Finding a suitable IT and Telecoms Apprenticeship for YOU!

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