The Careers Strategy | Raising the quality of careers provision

The Careers Strategy focuses on raising the quality of careers provision by improving the career guidance and advice being given to young people so they are able to make well informed decisions on their futures. Schools and colleges have three major requirements outlined by the Careers Strategy. These include:

Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks pinpoint the best practices in careers. According to the Careers Strategy, schools must evidence meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks: 

Pupils and teachers can learn from labour market information via our well respected Careermag publication and CPD webinars.

We can help you find out more about how you can get help with meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks with our CPD webinars for teachers, career advisers and career leaders. 

Give your pupils opportunities to meet with employers

We often hear how it can be difficult for schools and colleges to provide opportunities to meet at least one employer and undertake two work placements, especially if located some distance away from organisations who can help.

However, connecting young people with employers and giving them opportunities to commit to a work placement will enhance their options and help them to decide on their next steps with a clear view of all the qualification and career routes available. By providing young people with the chance to meet employers, they will understand what working life is really like and how to be successful in the workplace.

Interested in bringing employers into your classroom digitally? In November 2019, we broadcasted live from the WorldSkillsUK LIVE event and spoke with employers and apprentices about the careers path they followed. Schools, colleges and sixth forms from across the UK logged in to join and ask questions. Still a great free resource!

Appoint a Career Leader

The Career Strategy also focuses on the importance of appointing a Career Leader. A Career Leader is responsible for leading the schools careers programme and must have links to or be on the School’s Leadership Team. The Career Leader appointed must work towards achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks and manage links with employers, further and higher education encounters. 

They must also ensure each pupil understands the diverse range of qualification and career routes available to them and that they also have access to labour market information, as well as tracking former pupils career decisions.

If you are a Career Leader, teacher or career advisor and would like help achieving the points outlined in the Career Strategy then our CPD webinars can help you to do just that. We will be joined by career experts, employers and national awarding organisations. Join here.

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