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Think Employment Apprenticeships offer school leavers a fantastic opportunity to kick-start a career in digital marketing. Think college and university is the only way to get a qualification? You might want to think again an Apprenticeship is a great way to get qualifications and work experience. Full time study not for you? Eager to enter employment? An Apprenticeship with Think Employment is a great way for you to get a head start on your career while earning and learning.

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What do Think Employment Apprenticeships involve?

Want a career in digital marketing? Think Employment Apprenticeships involve a mixture of on the job training and off the job training which will enable you to gain vital work experience, job specific skills and a nationally recognised qualification relevant to the digital marketing industry.

During your digital marketing Apprenticeship you’ll learn how to use the latest digital marketing tools while developing your techniques and capabilities in an exciting industry. We live in a time where digital technology is everywhere and there is a high demand for digital marketing workers. Think Employment provide a blended learning approach which includes regular webinars, support visits to your workplace, online self-study and some informal group work and discussions as well. As a digital marketing apprentice with Think Employment you’ll build your knowledge and gain an in depth understanding of the industry.

think employment apprenticeships

During your Apprenticeship with Think Employment you’ll receive a wealth of support from your employer, learning mentor and colleagues who all want you to succeed and grow your talents. Think Employment Apprenticeships will also help you to gain exposure to a wide variety of learning and development opportunities enabling you to become a digital marketing professional.

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