Transport and Logistics Apprenticeships

Transport and Logistics Apprenticeships

There’s often the misconception that transport and logistics careers are all about beeping your horn, putting provocative stickers on your vehicle, sleeping in service stations and one very sunburnt arm. But let us tell you it’s NOT. There are however so many exciting careers in the transport and logistics sector. So let us discover together what the industry is all about.

What is Transport and Logistics?

Transport and logistics refers to moving, storing and supplying things. ‘Things’ could mean anything from people, animals, goods and services. It could mean anything from the 8:30 bus you catch each morning to get to school, the birthday card that gets posted through your door on your big special day, or that family holiday you go on each year. Can you picture a life without it?

It’s not just about moving things around the world by sea, railways, air and roads. Managing supplies, demand, procurement and distribution are all equally as important.

 Transport and Logistics Apprenticeships

With Transport and Logistics being such a broad subject there are many areas you can work in; these include the following:

  1. Aviation
  2. Bus, Coach, Tram, Train, Taxi, Wagons
  3. Water Transport
  4. Freight Transportation
  5. Maritime and Port Operations
  6. Postal and Courier
  7. Warehousing, Storage and Handling

All in all, transport and logistics is a big business in the UK.

Keeping up with the changes

In reality, the transport and logistics industry is being disrupted on all fronts. All transport methods and business models are being affected from numerous of things including; customer expectations, new technologies and assessors looking into the market. With the demand for workers is higher than ever and the necessity to create a younger generation of workers for the future of the transport and logistics is just as important.

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