University Interview

University Interview: What to expect

Have you just got your university interview date? Juggling your emotions of panic, fear and happy? By knowing what to expect and preparing can help you to pull through on the day! While it’s completely normal to feel nervous when doing something you’ve never done before we’ve put together some tips to get you ready.

What is a university interview like?

A university interview can take anything from 10 minutes to an hour and you’ll usually be seen by one interviewer. You can expect either an exam out loud or an informal discussion about which course you’re interested in, why you’re interested in that course and joining the university etc and you can be expected to be asked a few questions related to your course for example if your wanting to study English you may be asked questions about a piece of text or a poem.

Your interviewer needs to know that you’re eager and committed to the course you’re wanting to study, and your personal statement has proved that so far, so you need to portray this in your interview, some interviewers may refer to your personal statement so always make sure you reread your it and think about your answer if your interviewer was to ask you where you could expand on something you’ve wrote.

It’s difficult to know what questions you’ll be asked as each university and subject course differs but to ensure you’re full prepared you should look over the university’s prospectus, so you can show a knowledge of the course you’re applying for and the university. For instance, if you’re asked ‘why this university’ think about whether the university offers more extracurricular activities that you’d be interested in joining, high pass rates for your course or whatever it is that draws you to that university.

University Interview

Get a family member or friend to do a mock interview. Interview practice can help to boost your confidence for the actual interview and enables you to recognise what areas you need to improve on. Also ensure you’re up to date on the latest issues relevant to your course as your interviewer might discuss these with you.

Make sure you have together a few questions to ask your interviewer. Watch this short clip for ideas on what questions you could ask:

What should I do in the university interview and what should I wear?

So, you’re all prepared for what to expect during your interview but what should you wear? When the paperwork comes through regarding you interview date you might also receive information on what to expect when you arrive and what dress code is recommended but if not make sure you wear something that makes you feel comfortable but smart.

If your university is away from home, you need to consider whether an overnight stay might be required or whether it is travelling distance. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time on the day to limit stress, try to arrive 15 minutes early and ensure you have contact details should you need to call.

During the interview remember body language and eye contact is key to show you’re engaging in the conversation and are interested in what the interviewer is saying. Think of your interview as a discussion about a subject you’re both interested in and try to relax and enjoy it.

University Interview

Good luck from the Careermap Team!

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